Dtour Design

Who we are?

We are a full service graphic design studio, who believes that small businesses should not pay big fees for cutting edge conceptual design. As a result we set out to figure out ways to cut costs while still creating successful strategies and innovative design for our clients.

Lets face it in today's economy you really don’t want to spend money just to say your material looks “pretty”. You want to see results, you want money back on your investment. We cant blame you! Pretty wont bring in results unless it has a concept behind it. What separates us from other graphic design agencies is that we actually come from the advertising side, so we know how to strategize and then design.

Most companies split creativity and strategy into different departments, which often results in a communication gap, and increases rates. By cutting out the middle man and hiring designers that have the ability to do both we created a very different corporate structure. We believe that whenever there is a rift between strategy and creativity there is a lack of results. It could cause brilliant strategy to fail where it counts most or it can doom a bold creative initiative before it’s even launched. Our designers listen to our clients and work with them to create great strategy from which stems great creativity.

What benefits should you expect from working with us?

Peace of Mind

We thoroughly explain every step of our process so that you feel secure about the many decisions you make along the way.

Personalized, One-on-One Service

You will always work directly with the designer, who will provide you with insights and advice tailored for your business.

Hands on Approach

Our approach allows you to see as many choices as needed to achieve the best results and for you to take an active role in the design of your materials.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are generally 15% less of the industry standard. The reason we can afford to do that is because we cut out a lot of the expenses that generally increase the rates.


We find the most convenient way to work with you, whether that's in person or online, during business hours or after.

Complete Satisfaction!

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